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GUbridge Foundation Programme

In order to equip students with all the skills required to be successful in the Bachelor’s degree programmes, GUtech includes a GUbridge Foundation Programme whose main objective is to develop student’s English language skills to a suitable degree of competency. Other important areas in FP are Mathematics and Information Technology.

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) strives to become a leading university of technology in Oman and the wider region, thus defining the highest standards in education, research and innovation.

GUtech provides students with the education required to become highly qualified and socially responsible graduates, guided by German excellence in science and technology with a firm grounding in Oman`s culture and heritage. The University fosters creative and critical thinking to advance research and development and, through this, aims at serving society as a whole.

GUtech is committed to ethical principles in all of its undertakings. In particular, the University welcomes students and employees from both genders, all ethnic, geographical, cultural and religious backgrounds. The University encourages association in peace and with tolerance, and welcomes further intercultural exchange between Oman and Germany.